Ashworth semester exam bm41s sales management & practices


BM41S : Sales Management & Practices

Question 1

Ensuring that salespeople know the ethical and legal framework for their markets, including cultural and global market variations, is a salesforce response to which of the following issues?

Complexity issues

Adaptability issues

Collaboration issues

Accountability issues

Question 2

A(n) _______ is a salesperson who provides physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals with pertinent information about drugs to support the overall sales effort.





Question 3

The decision-making process in a modified rebuy buying situation is often referred to as

extensive problem solving.

routinized response behavior.

minimal problem solving.

limited problem solving.

Question 4

Advertising-driven marketing communications strategies are most appropriate when

trying to close the sale.

the message timing is important.

message flexibility is important.

repetitive contact is important.

Question 5

Salesforce socialization refers to

the encouragement salespeople get to socialize with their colleagues after work hours.

the process by which salespeople acquire the knowledge, skills, and values essential to perform in their role as salespeople.

the overall social values held by the firm about contemporary issues affecting the firm.

the salesperson’s education concerning the ways other salespeople handle role conflict and role ambiguity.

Question 6

A _______ asks salespeople to indicate areas of need that could be addressed by sales training.

customer survey 

job analysis

competitor survey

salesforce survey

Question 7

This influence strategy might involve “office politics” and the use of third parties to influence others.





Question 8

How would a large direct sales company such as Avon most likely compensate their salespeople?

Straight salary

Salary plus bonuses

Straight commission

Salary plus commission

Question 9

Which of the following is not one of the four major areas covered by the sales organization audit framework?

Sales management evaluation

Sales organization history

Sales organization environment

Sales management functions

Question 10

While other methods of performance evaluation were rated very good on job relatedness and reliability criteria, which method received a poor rating?

Graphic rating/checklist method

Ranking methods

Management by objectives (MBO)

Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS)

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