The _____ approach is considered weak because it fails to grab


Question 1
The _____ approach is considered weak because it fails to grab the attention of a prospect
4 points
Question 2
According to the text, the _____ method of sales presentation is semi-structured
stimulus response
4 points
Question 3
The salesperson who asks the prospect, “Are you dissatisfied with how frequently you have to charge your rechargeable batteries?” is:
beginning the implementation of the FAB approach
at the implication stage of the SPIN approach
at the need-payoff stage of the SPIN approach
remembering the KISS
using probes
4 points
Question 4
The salesperson prepares to ask the prospect to make a purchase after conviction has been established
4 points
Question 5
The problem-solution presentation is a flexible method that requires a detailed analysis of the prospect’s needs
4 points
Question 6
Which of the following involves a presentation constructed around three parts?
Trial closes
Logical reasoning
Visual aids
4 points
Question 7
Which of these statements about formula presentations is true?
The formula presentation is based on the SPIN procedure of developing and giving the sales presentation
New-task buying situations are a good time to use the formula presentation method
An advantage of the formula presentation is that it is most adaptable to complex selling situations
Customers get the greatest amount of talking time at the beginning of the formula sales presentation
To successfully use the formula sales presentation method, the salesperson must have previously identified the prospect’s needs and wants
4 points
Question 8
As a salesperson, you should know that the second of the five mental steps that a prospect goes through in deciding to buy from you is:
4 points
Question 9
According to the Golden Rule of Selling, the heart of the sales presentation is the salesperson’s approach to the customer or prospect
4 points
Question 10
Ashley Trist has selected a selling technique in which she has more control over the conversation between buyer and seller than with any other sales presentation method
. What technique is Ashley most likely using?
4 points
Question 11
A salesperson asks a bookstore owner, “Do you know why students who use our test preparation books increase their SAT scores?” What approach is being used?
Customer benefit
4 points
Question 12
Keri Marten has opened a day care center for children aged one to six
. She seeks the assistance of local pediatricians in identifying those in need of her services. Identify the method of prospecting utilized by Keri.
Cold canvas
Center of influence
Public exhibition
Endless chain
4 points
Question 13
Because they are so busy, many executives have filtration systems to protect their time
. In order to get through this system, you, as a professional salesperson, should do all of the following EXCEPT:
not waste time waiting
develop friends in the prospect’s firm
call at the right time on the right person
believe in yourself
follow the prospect
4 points
Question 14
The _____ sales presentation method is most appropriate when information needs to be gathered from the prospect, as is often the case in selling industrial products
4 points
Question 15
Which of the following refers to a brief story used to illustrate a point and to compare something familiar to something unfamiliar?
4 points
Question 16
Many prospects will hang up the phone as soon as they suspect an attempt is being made to sell them something
4 points
Question 17
Melissa sells insurance to homeowners and renters
. Every weekend she goes out looking for moving vans and people unloading U-Haul trucks. She writes down the addresses of those who seem to be moving in. Every Monday she calls the list she has gathered during the weekend and asks them if they are interested in insurance. Melissa is using the _____ method of prospecting.
center of influence
endless chain
4 points
Question 18
The FAB formula helps a salesperson increase a prospect’s desire for a product
4 points
Question 19
What is considered the best visual aid to use during a sales presentation?
Sample ads
Product videos
Customer testimonials
The actual product
A product manual
4 points
Question 20
Which of the following statements is true about a nondirective question?
Most nondirective questions are closed ended
A nondirective question usually begins with do or are.
Nondirective questions are used to find points of agreement
A nondirective question clarifies a prospect’s previous statement
One word questions can sometimes be used as nondirective questions
4 points
Question 21
A successful demonstration should have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT being:
4 points
Question 22
_____ attempts to have prospects imagine using the product themselves
Suggestive proposition
Prestige suggestion
Empathetic suggestion
Ideal-self suggestion
4 points
Question 23
Which of the following is characteristic of the memorized sales presentation?
Requires prior contact with buyer
Perceived as high pressure selling
Used for multi-day presentations
Lacks structure and organization
Opens with questions to prospect
4 points
Question 24
Innovative Installers provides a variety of services related to office space and relocations such as installing modular office furniture and providing space planning and layout consultations Innovative Installers is owned and operated by Mierzett Evans and his sister Glenda Heldris. The company was founded in 1992
. It had more than $2 million sales in 2003. The company uses a variety of marketing methods including a Web site, cold calls, and direct mail. Evans and Heldris believe the company could better communicate with potential customers who may not know of the company’s existence.
The siblings use the corporate Web site to inform potential customers about the services their company offers
. The Web address is included in all of the company’s advertising. In other words, Evans and Heldris are using:
direct communication
direct sales
Internet dialoguing
cold sales
4 points
Question 25
Perry Rodriguez wants to create a network of prospects for his landscaping business
. Which of the following would be the LEAST effective method?
Sending thank-you notes to people who give him leads
Focusing on meeting center-of-influence people
Asking open-ended, feel-good types of questions
Sending contacts monthly sales promotional items
Sending contacts unflattering information about the competition
4 points



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