Annotated bibliography and presentation assignment – 20 hours

Assignment 1:

Select 5 peer-reviewed articles from scholarly sources that integrate writing strategies across the curriculum and compile an Annotated Bibliography. Information from each source should be correctly summarized and paraphrased into each annotation and cited using in-text citations according to proper APA formatting. Annotations should also contain a critical analysis component. Most of the information should be written in students’ own words; reserve direct quotations to a minimum. The final document should follow proper APA style with a title page, Abstract, and body consisting of 5 peer-reviewed referenced articles with thorough annotations.

You may utilize scholarly journal articles from the LUO library databases. If you use Google Scholar or a general www search, be certain the sources are credible and reflect the course content. This educational exercise is designed to benefit you in the final presentation assignment (Following this post) for this course in which you will utilize 4-5 of these articles to support your “argument to colleagues” (see Presentation assignment in the following Post Assignment 2).

Our LUO Writing Style Guide website has a model for formatting Annotated Bibliographies if you have not yet completed one.

Note that the first paragraph is a summary and the second paragraph applies some critical analysis to the article/source.



Create a professional electronic presentation where you convince colleagues of the importance of writing in ALL content areas. Incorporate (and correctly cite using APA in-text parentheses) 4-5 of the articles from your Annotated Bibliography assignment as support throughout your presentation slides. Produce at least 11 (but not more than 12) slides in the presentation as well as an additional APA formatted References page at the end (the references page does not count toward the 11-slide minimum). Use Prezi, or another familiar platform approved by the instructor. Do not use Powerpoint Presentation

Each slide must contain notes featuring what you would say to colleagues when presenting the information. The notes should be more developed with content than the actual slide. If you choose platforms like (Prezi, Google Slides, etc.), notes can be submitted in an MS Word document appropriately labeled to correspond with the visual presentation. 

It is recommended that you submit the final version as in pdf form no matter which presentation platform you choose. Select pdf as the file type when saving prior to submitting.

You must also creatively integrate at least 2 of your own assignments from this course into the visual portion of the presentation. You may choose your own Dialogue journal entry, I Am poem, Grading Rubric, Writing Expectations handout, Linked Assignment sheet, or Graphic Organizer. Use sound logic in your presentation to colleagues and be innovative with the content of your persuasion.  

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