Morning sickness is most likely to occur during which trimester of

1. Morning sickness is most likely to occur during which trimester of pregnancy?

·         First

·         Second

·         Third

·         There is no trimester of pregnancy when morning sickness is more prevalent


2. Which is correct about the rate of maternal weight gain during pregnancy?

·         An equal amount of weight should be gained each month throughout the pregnancy.

·         Most of the weight gained should occur during the first trimester.

·         Little weight gain is expected during the first trimester.

·         No additional weight gain should occur after the second trimester.


3. ________ is essential for the regeneration of active forms of folate.

·         Iron

·         Vitamin B12 

·         Vitamin D

·         Zinc


4. Of the following, the nutrients that are important to prevent anemia include:

·         Band B3

·         biotin and B12

·         Calcium and vitamin D

·         Iron and folic acid


5. The first solid food generally recommended for infant intake would be:

·         beans

·         nuts

·         rice cereal

·         green vegetables


6. Which of the following statements about a woman who has gestational diabetes is FALSE?

·         Gestational diabetes usually resolves after she gives birth.

·         Gestational diabetes is common in women who are underweight when they become pregnant.

·         The mother is at increased risk for developing diabetes in the next 10 years.

·         If the gestational diabetes is not controlled well during pregnancy, the baby is likely to grow rapidly and be large for gestational age.


7. Newborn infants are given a shot of ____ at birth to prevent uncontrolled bleeding.

·         calcium

·         iron

·         vitamin D

·         vitamin K


8. _______ is the nutrient that is most commonly deficient in infants who are consuming adequate energy and protein.

·         Calcium

·         Iron

·         Vitamin D

·         Zinc


9. _______ is needed for the synthesis of DNA and hence for cell division.

·         Calcium

·         Folate

·         Vitamin D

·         Zinc


10. While fat recommendations for adults range from 20% to 35% of energy intake, healthy infants from 0 to 6 months consume roughly _____ of energy from fat.

·         15%

·         55%

·         70%

·         10%


11. At what step in this process are normal prions converted into abnormal prions?


·         1

·         2

·         3

·         4

·         5


12. Because _____ can be contaminated with botulism spores, it should never be fed to infants under 1 year of age.

·         cow’s milk

·         eggs

·         honey

·         strawberries


13. Pesticides do all of the following EXCEPT:

·         they Increase yields

·         they do not impact appearance

·         they extend the shelf life

·         they prevent plant disease


14. The _____ method of pest control combines chemical and non-chemical methods and emphasizes the use of natural toxins.

·         Environmental safety health hazard plan

·         Insect tolerance application process

·         Integrated pest management

·         Pesticide residue tolerance control    



15. Which is the primary cause of food-borne illness?

·         Mercury

·         Microbes

·         Lead

·         Prions


16. Legal food additives like monosodium glutamate (MSG) and some colors enhance the shelf life and/or quality of food but:

·         may pose a risk for those with allergies or sensitivities to these compounds

·         may decrease the risk of problems for those with allergies or sensitivities to these compounds

·         may lose their effectiveness when used in high quantities

·         can cause dehydration


17. Food borne illness caused by pathogens that multiply in the human body are termed food-borne

·         injury.

·         intoxication.

·         illness.

·         infection.


18. The Delaney Clause is

·         a part of the 1958 Food Additives Amendment.

·         a zero tolerance limit.

·         related to cancer-causing substances in foods.

·         All of these are components to the Delaney Clause.


19. Between _____ degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria will multiply the most rapidly.

·         10-32

·         35-45

·         41-135

·         145-165


20. The goal of a HACCP system is to:

·         prevent food-borne illnesses.

·         treat food-borne illnesses as soon as they occur.

·         irradiate all ground beef to safe levels.

·         distribute thermometers to all homes in the US.


21. Which of the following strategies can help to reduce population growth?

·         Increasing the educational opportunities of woman

·         Providing a cost effective means of birth control

·         Fostering economic development to ensure food, shelter, and medical care for members of a community

·         All of these choices


22. Which of the following is the best example of why it is difficult to break the cycle of poverty?

·         being overqualified for a job

·         spending large amounts of time in school

·         employment in a low paying job

·         frequently relocating


23. Which of the following is true of under-nutrition?

·         Nutrient deficiencies lead to increased susceptibility to infections in childhood only

·         Nutrient deficiencies lead to decreased susceptibility to infections in childhood only

·         Nutrient deficiencies lead to increased susceptibility to infections in childhood and adulthood

·         Nutrient deficiencies lead to decreased susceptibility to infections in childhood and adulthood


24. Income level in the United States is directly correlated with

·         geographic location of the home relative to a major city.

·         level of education of the primary wage earner.

·         number of family members in the home.

·         none of these.


25. An agricultural shift to increased production of cash crops has the following effects EXCEPT:

·         a greater proportion of local resources are used to produce crops for export.

·         this change will have little impact on availability of food for the local population.

·         the country’s cash flow improves.

·         there is a danger that less land remains for subsistence crops.


26. Although America is not free of individuals who suffer from food insecurity, the number of these individuals remains small because:

·         as a wealthier nation, the United States offers food support in the form of food stamps, soup kitchens, and pantries

·         as a wealthier nation, the United States offers food support in the form of direct payments for food only

·         as a wealthier nation, the United States offers free public education to children

·         as a wealthier nation, the United States offers free health insurance for the poorest Americans


27. Programs that foster economic development and ensure access to food, shelter, and medical care have been shown to cause _____ in birth rates.

·         a decrease

·         an increase

·         no change


28. Golden rice is a genetically modified variety of rice developed to provide _______ to populations in which this deficiency is prevalent.

·         calcium

·         iodine

·         iron

·         vitamin A


29. Which statement is most accurate?

·         underweight or overweight individuals are malnourished and can have a shortened life expectancy

·         malnutrition refers only to underweight individuals that have a shortened life expectancy

·         malnutrition refers to only overweight individuals that have a shortened life expectancy

·         malnutrition can result in either under weight or overweight individuals and has no effect on life expectancy


30. Xerophthalmia, as shown in this visual, is a leading cause of preventable blindness due to a deficiency of

·         calcium.

·         iodine.

·         iron.

·         vitamin A.


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