Intel x86 assembly program | csc 362 | Northern Kentucky University

 please i need you to debugg my code. bellow is question and my code is uploaded

Implement the Insertion Sort algorithm for an array of int values in Intel assembly language. The algorithm, in C, is given below, assuming int a[ ], n; where n is the number of elements stored in the array. for(i=1;i=0&&a[location]>temp) { a[location+1]=a[location]; location–; } a[location+1]=temp; } Implementing this in Intel assembly language can be tricky because you are limited to the 4 data registers and you might need to be accessing other values as well. This may require that you move values back and forth between variables and registers. Remember that array access in assembly language is of the form a[ebx] where ebx is storing the byte offset, not the array index. You can have variations of this notation like a[ebx*4] so that ebx can be incremented in units of 1 instead of 4, and a[ebx+4] or a[ebx*4+4] to access a[i+1]. Write the program in C first to make sure you understand the logic, and then either convert the instructions into assembly instructions or write it from scratch using your C code as a basis. Your program will be organized as follows: • initialize the int array (hardcode this in the program so that you don’t have to input the values) and the number of elements of the array in C code • enter assembly code to perform the sort o all logic for the sorting algorithm must be done in assembly code • exit assembly code and output the sorted array using a for loop in C to iterate through the array Use only one array (do not manipulate a copy of the array). Run the program on the 2 data sets below. Between runs, change the array values and the number of elements in the array, recompile and rerun it. Collect both sets of output and attach them in comments at the bottom of your source code. Remember to comment your code, especially with respect to how it helps accomplish sorting. This program should be contained in one file and use only one function (main). Run #1: 100, 99, 97, 95, 90, 87, 86, 83, 81, 77, 74, 69, 63, 50, 44, 43, 39, 31, 29, 12 Run #2: 123456, 342100, 87539, 606006, 443322, 198371, 99109, 88018, 707007 Hand in your source code with the output from the two runs. 

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